Kavalan Bourbon Oak


Taïwanese Single Malt Whisky (46% 70cl)

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    46% - 700ml
    Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak dilutes Solist ex-Bourbon with Kavalan spring water to 46% strength. It is incredibly smooth with a soft sweetness, losing the harshness and the alcohol edge and lingering over those unique flavours. It is clean and fresh tropical fruitiness with pleasant vanilla, coconut and spices. Nose : Clean with fresh tropical fruitiness and pleasant vanilla, coconut and spices. Imagine being soothed by that comfortable sea breeze with a calming and refreshing effect. This malt can do that for Yearsu after a hectic day at the office. Palate : Soft, well-balanced natural sweetness, vanilla and oak spices, round and complex with silkYears smoothness. Tasting : Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak complements seafood or lighter and freshly made dishes.